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18th & Vine Restaurant

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Your favorite dishes, just the way you like them. Expect a quality experience and then some when you dine at at 18th & Vine Restaurant at The Madison Senior Living. Choose from our full menu all day long, so you can enjoy what you like when you like it. Your breakfast-for-dinner tradition? Keep it going here, where you can order up an evening omelette with extra hash browns on the side. Balancing nutritional value and full-bodied flavor, our meals serve your preferences. Just get used to telling us how you’d like that prepared.

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How Dining Supports our Lifestyle

Dining and the restaurant environment is the hub of resident satisfaction at The Madison Senior Living. I take pride in providing quality experiences that enhance each resident’s lifestyle. We are always happy to cater to residents’ specific needs and desires and love to throw a party, from happy hour to special dinners, and my favorite, our occasional “captain’s table” event where we can really showcase one-of-a-kind creations.

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We always welcome guests to join us at 18th & Vine Restaurant. Friends and family can stop by anytime, unannounced, and for a small fee enjoy the same great service and cuisine as residents.


Adventures are the most fun when shared! We love gathering a group and going to museums, shows, landmarks, and more.


From hors-dourves to full meals, we sit down in advance to plan your event, set costs per-person, and even provide the same great service from our dedicated staff.

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