The means to restore your livelihood and joy.

No man (or woman) is an island. We all help each other in one way or another and sometimes we need more help than others. We’re here for support as you face your unique set of challenges. Each apartment is designed with the needs of seniors in mind so that space is maximized and navigation is simplified. Additionally, by utilizing both technology and third-party vendors, our care plans are custom-structured to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

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No two care plans at The Madison are the same. This is because we know that even if two residents have the same goals in mind, those residents will follow different paths to achieve those goals. For example, even if they have the same physical therapies, one may prefer to do them in the morning and the other the evening. At The Madison, we recognize that each person follows their own path to regaining independence. Care plans are developed in collaboration with the resident, Director of Wellness, and family to create a comprehensive and unique blueprint for each resident, and that resident alone.

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Extra support at every level can make the difference between success and failure. Some people need more support than others in certain areas, but we make sure that we are all working together to care for the whole person, not just physical needs. Physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs, are all attended to.

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As we age, it can become all too easy to become detached from friends, family, and hobbies that were once so readily available to us. Senior living provides a solution to that feeling of detachment. With interesting people living so close by, an entire community of amenities that you can utilize at your leisure, and a calendar packed with events and entertainment, you’ll have a hard time not being engaged.

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A meal with friends can provide so much more than nourishment for your body. While we make sure that our food is packed with the nutrients you need, we also know that delicious meals are an experience that you remember. Share a dinner with your neighbors, invite family and friends, or dine by yourself to focus on the flavor and experience of eating. No matter what you’re in the mood for, our Culinary team can provide you an experience that you won’t forget!

Next Level

Simply put, we can provide care that goes above and beyond simple assisted living services. There are still a few things that are only available at a hospital or nursing home – such as 24-hour IVs or stage-4 wound care – but our holistic approach and surprisingly extensive list of services means The Madison can be a home for life.

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What is it you want? At The Madison, we believe that setting goals and working towards them is the key to thriving in life. We want you to be as healthy and independent as possible, so our team will work with you to conjure up creative and unique ways for you to regain what you may have lost.

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Your apartment is private. Whatever care you need is provided discreetly and with respect and dignity. Rest assured that you can feel comfortable and have confidentiality. Just because you need help doesn’t mean you need help publicly.