What’s in store at your new home.

When you make the move to The Madison, you are giving yourself the chance to remove the unnecessary things from your life. You get to remove chores, stress, and clutter that you simply don’t need anymore. But just because you’re streamlining doesn’t mean that you’re missing out. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Satisfy your cravings all day long.

From 7 AM to 7 PM, our restaurant is open and ready to take your order! With a rotating menu of 50+ expansive options, stop in and enjoy a meal with your neighbors, friends, and family anytime! Everything is cooked fresh to order just for you.

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Private Dining

For an intimate setting or personal event.

For when you have guests and you’d like to personalize the experience, our private dining provides the perfect solution. Plan out a meal with our Culinary team, they will do the rest. We’ll even handle the dishes!

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Fitness Center

Not just dumbbells and treadmills.

Often, as seniors age, they find that traditional exercise equipment doesn’t suit their needs anymore. That’s why The Madison has senior-friendly exercise equipment and offers classes designed for residents, allowing better results with lower impact.

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Knowledge and adventure in reading.

Books are the most incredible resource in the history of mankind. They have made it so that humans are able to pass on stories and knowledge and feel connected to one another and our past in an astounding way. Feel free to borrow from our library and return at your convenience!

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Nothing like a good show!

Our theater is the perfect venue for taking in a favorite movie, spiritual service, or educational program! We regularly hold events and shows here, but you are also able to use it for your own screenings or other events!

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Outdoor Grounds

Take a stroll and enjoy the scenery.

There’s nothing quite like some fresh air. And our Plant Operations team makes sure that our outdoor grounds are pristine and gorgeous so that when you go for a walk you are immersed in beauty. Get some sunshine or build a snowman – just enjoy the great outdoors!

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