We refuse to sacrifice flavor or nutrition.

The Madison Senior Living is dedicated to providing residents with delicious food that packs all the nutritional value that is needed to live a vibrant life. Our food satisfies the cravings that you have while supplying you with the energy you deserve.

All of the mouth-watering options on our menu are available all day long, from 7 AM to 7 PM. Your only job is to sit down and tell the server what you would like for that meal. We’ll handle the rest! Would you like a burger for breakfast? How about an omelette for dinner? Not a problem, would you like anything to drink with that?

Our exceptional Culinary team, led by our amazing Executive Chef, are excited to serve you a meal that will keep you wanting more.

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Delicacies and hearty meals.

The Madison serves food for all preferences. If you’re looking for something light and refreshing, we’ve got that! Got a larger appetite and need a meal up to the task? Say no more. And be sure to ask if there are any specials that our chef has in store for you!

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You’re invited! Have a seat.

The Madison loves helping you host your guests. For a small fee, anyone is welcome to join you for a meal. We also provide catering services, should you want to host a larger event!

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Special Events

We know just the thing for this!

No matter what it is that we’re celebrating or commemorating, our Culinary team always has exciting things in store to help take the event to the next level! Food brings people together and we love to facilitate togetherness!

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