Lifting residents up for growth and success.

Many seniors make the decision to move to senior living because they are having difficulties living on their own. It is common for seniors to need help in their day-to-day habits and no one should feel any shame in asking for assistance. Not only can we provide that assistance, but The Madison is dedicated to helping residents set, and accomplish, goals. Ensuring physical, social, and emotional health is evidenced in every aspect of our community. When you are feeling strong and supported, then you can accomplish the things you set your mind to.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Care at The Madison involves treating a person as just that, a person. We recognize that a person is not just a uniform checklist and that each person has different needs that require a unique implementation.

Read on to learn more about the core concepts behind The Madison’s personal care services.

Holistic Care

Extra support at every level – can make the difference between success and failure. Some people need more support than others in certain areas, but we make sure that we are all working together to care for the whole person, not just physical needs. Physical, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs are all attended to.

Care Planning

We work with each resident to plan for the future and maximize independence.

Personal Choice

Providing care on YOUR schedule. Care is implemented to suit your lifestyle, not our schedule. Additionally, nothing is done without your permission so you know you’re getting the care that you want.


Implementing modern innovations to improve lives

The Madison Senior Living has seen the advancements made in health and wellness technology and recognized the potential it has to improve the lives of residents. That’s why we are always looking for ways to utilize modern technology to help care for patients. From simple things like call buttons to more advanced means of passive monitoring to prevent crises before they happen, we know how valuable technology is for excellent care. Foresite passive health monitoring is available to our assisted living and memory care residents.